About Altamont First

Altamont First is an independent nomination ballot line for Village elections. It was first created and used in 2005 by Jim Gaughan and Kerry Dineen who were running for Mayor and Trustee, respectively. Jim and Kerry have continued to use it over the years included when Kerry ran for Mayor after Jim retired. Currently, Michelle Ganance and Nick Fahrenkopf are running to continue as Trustees for the Village of Altamont, and Rebecca Hout is running for Village Justice.

Since 2005, candidates have run on, and elected officials have delivered on issues such as:

  • Managing Village budgets
  • Building consensus amoung the community, Mayor, and Trustees
  • Good government practices
  • Protecting our Village’s resources and charm
  • Improve our infrastructure
  • Provide quality support for youth and seniors
  • Maximize county, state, and federal funding

Overall, the goal of Altamont First has been to put the needs of the Village first in the operations and governance of Altamont. As Jim said back in 2005:

The village, not some political agenda, is my only priority. Together, we can put Altamont First for our seniors, our children and our way of life!

-Jim Gaughan

As you learn about Michelle and Nick in person and through this website, you will realize they are carrying on this vision of Altamont First so that our community will continue to be one of the most desirable, charming, and affordable villages to live in across the Capital Region.